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The search for the missing parts of the Crown of Aleppo continues! And we need your help.

For the first time in history, all research surrounding the mystery has been uploaded in one place. In this part of the website, we invite you to join the worldwide investigation team and participate in your own way. The more investigators join us, the more we know!


You can look through all the documents that are in our story tree and many more. There are hundreds of pages to be searched, most of which have never been online yet. Analyze the different documents, compare and reach your own conclusions!


Do you have something to tell or show us? Perhaps a story that has been passed along in your family, a document, or a beautiful old photograph? Anything related to our mystery is welcome and can be uploaded here.

Transcribe & Translate

Our Body of Evidence consists of valuable documents and dossiers that we would like to make searchable by keyword and accessible to investigators in different languages. We believe in the power of the hivemind. Our joint efforts will promote the investigation by connecting people from different places and languages, and different pieces of knowledge. You can support it by transcribing or translating as you read.

My Dossier

Do you have a theory? Create your own evidence dossier and gather the pieces that support your suspicion. Or simply browse other investigators’ dossiers to get new perspectives.

Recently Added Items

Rabbi Uziel.jpg

The Chief Rabbi of Israel, Rabbi Uziel, writes to representatives of the Aleppo community saying the Crown should to be transferred to Israel.
Shalom - Benayahu 1954.jpg

Isaac Shalom, a leader of the Aleppo community in New York, responds to Benayahu's letter, saying that he has not yet received a response to the request of Chief Rabbi Uziel to transfer the Crown to Jerusalem.